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Photographie verticale - des calanques aux montagnes

Voilà enfin le site mis à jour avec des galeries telle que je voulais le faire depuis quelques temps.  Je vous souhaite une bonne visite et de vous laisser emporter par la poésie de la lumière !

Des liens en français sont indiqués dans chaque gros titres ( 3 au total) où une description détaillées des itineraires et de notre parcours est écrite. Les photos sont internationales !



7 days of mountaineering, 3 summits, 3 x 600m of climb, 6200 D+/-, good week with friends, good beer, snaps and most  of the time good food ! : perfect holyday trip !

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With Caf Aubagne, we went for 3 days in mercacantour national park ( southern France). At this time of the year, the snow started this year at 2000m a.s. l. but this winter has poor snow conditions… We still  managed to get ourselves really nice trip with amazing  group, snow and view! We spent our nights in refuge de la cantoniere that I warmly recommand as the tenant is really cool, the food is really good and the accomodation comfortable !   Day 1 : Tete de la Sanguinette with CAF Aubagne !                       Day 2 : Tête des Garrets         Day 3 : Tete de la cote de l’ane                      

The Tabarly traverse ( TD- / 6a / P2) The Tabarly traverse is one of the most classical traverse in the Calanques which stands out because of its panoramic view and the quality of the climb ( click here for more info ).  For sure it is an adventure to climb this route. It is also stunning to enjoy the view over Cassis, the cliff of cap canaille and the kayak paddling at your feet. This climb makes you feel some mountaineering spirit as commitment, route finding, rope management, lack of equipment and wilderness. But this is also marked by the sunny and hot atmosphere. As it is a southern face, the temperature gets always hotter when the sun rises and the reflexion of the sun doesn’t let you rest ! We climbed the route together with Audrey on a sunny fall day (end of october) and as we departed…

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Day 1 : Mestia 1400m-Banguriani basecamp 3000m After 6 days of non stop mountaineering and trekking in georgian Caucasus, Florian and I offered ourself a rest day in Mestia, visited the small town and didn’t carry any bagpacks !!! what a joy ! Our 4 swiss ran up and down 2000m higher in about 5 hours … The weather forecast announced uncertain weather for the rest of the week except for tuesday. Our project over Ushba just slipped away from our mind because of weather and snow conditions ( heavy snow fall in high altitude). Therefore we had to find a new project. As we discussed with some locals we heard about banguriani summit which was supposed to be an easy one. On monday morning, we checked from the city and saw a ridge seen on pictures from the days before. it looked interesting enough even if it was snow…

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Second excursion of our trip in Georgia ( Caucasus massiv) Day 1 : 1400m – 1600m ( evening) On the 18th September as we just went down from Tetnuldi (day 4). We made a short break in Mestia, ate some water melon and dried some clothes. As the girl had to leave Georgia 3 days later it was their last chance to summit somewhere. Despite the really crap weather which was announced the 4 swiss decided to make a try to Laila ( an easy summit nearby). Florian and I decided to spare energy for the rest of the trip and given the very low chance to get enough good weather, we just joined with them to share time all-together and spend time in the mountain. Therefore our mountaineering equipment was released in the valley. We called again our driver of the morning and after 1 hour drive we we…

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  Mid september , with five other friends from France ( Florian) and Switzerland ( Giulia, Roman, Pascal and Fränzi), we all met late in the night in Tbilissi ( Georgia). This country is a really small country stuck between Russia and Turkey and between  two seas : the black sea to the west and the Caspian sea to the east. Early in the morning ( only 3/4 hours sleep later we jumped in a small minibus which drove us until Mestia, one of the main mountaineering village of this country. This village receives different valleys surrounded by a couples of 5000 and loads of 4000 summits. Day 1 ( Adishi – Base camp 1 ) The day after, an offroad car grabbed us with our 25/30 kg bagpacks filled up by 7 days of food, tents, sleepings bags and all the mountaineering gear. On the 15th of october we…

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Once again in valgaudemar valley ( hautes alpes). Perharps the valley that sounds the most like himalaya with such steep slopes on both side and still some (small but impressive) glaciers With Vincent , we spent the night in the “refuge de l’olan”. really nice atmosphere upthere, magnificent view and a hut watcher that makes the evening unforgetable ! Waking up at 4am …! We head up the route “ oiseau de passage” ( TD/6a/350m)  at the summit of Olan with another ropeteam which will appears to be a great one making the ascent so cool thanks to their good mood !   The rest in pictures  (in reverse chronology…)!