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The Tabarly traverse ( TD- / 6a / P2) The Tabarly traverse is one of the most classical traverse in the Calanques which stands out because of its panoramic view and the quality of the climb ( click here for more info ).  For sure it is an adventure to climb this route. It is also stunning to enjoy the view over Cassis, the cliff of cap canaille and the kayak paddling at your feet. This climb makes you feel some mountaineering spirit as commitment, route finding, rope management, lack of equipment and wilderness. But this is also marked by the sunny and hot atmosphere. As it is a southern face, the temperature gets always hotter when the sun rises and the reflexion of the sun doesn’t let you rest ! We climbed the route together with Audrey on a sunny fall day (end of october) and as we departed…

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Once again in valgaudemar valley ( hautes alpes). Perharps the valley that sounds the most like himalaya with such steep slopes on both side and still some (small but impressive) glaciers With Vincent , we spent the night in the “refuge de l’olan”. really nice atmosphere upthere, magnificent view and a hut watcher that makes the evening unforgetable ! Waking up at 4am …! We head up the route “ oiseau de passage” ( TD/6a/350m)  at the summit of Olan with another ropeteam which will appears to be a great one making the ascent so cool thanks to their good mood !   The rest in pictures  (in reverse chronology…)!      

Last June when days were so long , we did the following route during one afternoon . This is one of the most panoramic traverse in the calanques as you climb always in front of most of the other calanques. The climb is between 2 m and 30 m above sea level which makes it so special. The climb itself is in its level quite demanding with some 6th graded pitches which you need to be carefull of as the move can be difficult to handle. As for all traverse, climbing in front or behind doesn’t really change the difficulty. Yet the commitment is quite low as you can escape at 2 different points . The next traverse ( Marie Jacqueline) can be climbed in a row but you need to depart earlier than we did 😉 ! It was really a nice climb together with Jacques and Pierre !…

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Bloc session in may at a camping wall in la Ciotat (sout of France).    

When the winter arrives to its end and the need of sun is becoming obvious, you need to prepare again for mountain routes and its peculiar rope handling and rock !!   Therefore you need to go to le caroux where you have small mountain gneiss and just enough equipment so you don’t risk your life !! the carroux is located near bezier in herault ( 34). A good start for ridge climbing ( easy but really interesting : http://www.camptocamp.org/routes/57457/fr/caroux-arete-des-charbonniers-arete-des-charbonniers-w A serious climb, easy to protect all the way up but need to be carefull not loosing his way http://www.camptocamp.org/routes/56894/fr/caroux-roc-du-caroux-ou-paroi-du-rieutord-pilier-w Difficult pitch 2 : http://www.camptocamp.org/routes/412781/fr/caroux-pouce-de-farrieres-face-sse-directe   Caroux; pouce de farrieres face sse directe (steep !): Enjoy some pictures taken from a single pitch climbing.