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Mountaineering in Bernese alps - Photographie verticale

Mountaineering in Bernese alps

Mountaineering in Bernese alps

Des liens en français sont indiqués dans chaque gros titres ( 3 au total) où une description détaillées des itineraires et de notre parcours est écrite. Les photos sont internationales !



7 days of mountaineering, 3 summits, 3 x 600m of climb, 6200 D+/-, good week with friends, good beer, snaps and most  of the time good food ! : perfect holyday trip !

Along traditionnal water canals : “bisses” : along the cliff ! ; under our feet on this picture, water flows



National fiesta at the Baltschiederklause hut


Jägihorn : 3402m through the route “trad io” ( 260m : 5b all the way up ! ; TD- ) and further on the ridge 


First summit ascent


Me and JB in the route “trad-io” on Jägihorn


Me at summit of the route “trad io” : 3155m . the ridge is to be done to reach the real summit !


On the ridge of Jägihorn


On the ridge, Bietschorn in backgroud ( next day summit)


Bietschorn : 3934 m: 600m/ D-


We followed the east ridge up and the west ridge down as described here in french in order to reach Bietschhorn hütte.


on the glacier with Bietschorn on the right


Arrival to the beginning of the ridge
East ridge of Bietschorn
East ridge at dawn



Further east , nesthorn (light ray), jägihorn (right)…


Climb up Bietschhorn under the first ray of light


Small siesta at 3934m of altitude !!! not every day life moment !


A part of the descent ridge ( west ) : very very long !



Schreckhorn : 4078m through south pillar ( 630m of climb /D+) :

Nice flowers


Ischmeer glacier






Amazing glacier !



Schreckhornhütte and Schreckhorn


Finsteeraahorn at dawn ! 4200m : bernese alps highest summit !


South pillar of Schreckhorn


First crux pitches ( V)


Belaying the crux : V+



Other ropeteam on the traverse Schreckhorn-Lauteraarhorn
Huge crevasses and our summit


Feldschlösschen : the bernese beer !


Typical swiss dessert : all hut served us the same dish !


JB and me


Me taking photographs


The flowers I was taking on previous pic !


Finsteraarhorn in background


Amazing colors




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