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Oiseau de passage - Photographie verticale

Oiseau de passage

Oiseau de passage

Once again in valgaudemar valley ( hautes alpes). Perharps the valley that sounds the most like himalaya with such steep slopes on both side and still some (small but impressive) glaciers

With Vincent , we spent the night in the “refuge de l’olan”. really nice atmosphere upthere, magnificent view and a hut watcher that makes the evening unforgetable !

Waking up at 4am …! We head up the route “ oiseau de passage” ( TD/6a/350m)  at the summit of Olan with another ropeteam which will appears to be a great one making the ascent so cool thanks to their good mood !


The rest in pictures  (in reverse chronology…)!


Rappeling down !
On the dance floor ?
Audrey : Last pitch in the fog !
Last pitch in the fog !
Pitch 8
pitch 8
Vincent in the 1rst 3rd pitch ( made all together)
Audrey at the beginning
Antho on the glacier



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