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Day 1 : Mestia 1400m-Banguriani basecamp 3000m After 6 days of non stop mountaineering and trekking in georgian Caucasus, Florian and I offered ourself a rest day in Mestia, visited the small town and didn’t carry any bagpacks !!! what a joy ! Our 4 swiss ran up and down 2000m higher in about 5 hours … The weather forecast announced uncertain weather for the rest of the week except for tuesday. Our project over Ushba just slipped away from our mind because of weather and snow conditions ( heavy snow fall in high altitude). Therefore we had to find a new project. As we discussed with some locals we heard about banguriani summit which was supposed to be an easy one. On monday morning, we checked from the city and saw a ridge seen on pictures from the days before. it looked interesting enough even if it was snow…

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Second excursion of our trip in Georgia ( Caucasus massiv) Day 1 : 1400m – 1600m ( evening) On the 18th September as we just went down from Tetnuldi (day 4). We made a short break in Mestia, ate some water melon and dried some clothes. As the girl had to leave Georgia 3 days later it was their last chance to summit somewhere. Despite the really crap weather which was announced the 4 swiss decided to make a try to Laila ( an easy summit nearby). Florian and I decided to spare energy for the rest of the trip and given the very low chance to get enough good weather, we just joined with them to share time all-together and spend time in the mountain. Therefore our mountaineering equipment was released in the valley. We called again our driver of the morning and after 1 hour drive we we…

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  Early july we went on the peak coolidge through a really nice and wild route recently opened click on the link here . One of the stunning view from the face just before the last final corner. Thank you to Hillary and Elie for this nice ascent !      

In last April , with some friends we went to switzerland in Arolla and we crossed a pass that led us at a hut where we spent a couple of days. and this hut was in val d’aosta ( Italia) The bad (terrible ) weather shrinked our plans but even in fog, there is pictures to take ! We spent our only good weather day there : Dome des dames Make sure to pass by refuge de prarayer where the food and ambiance is so awesome ! but don’t abuse of the 4 dishes unless you will get ill ! place for pictures :          

Just back from “Nordnorge” ( northern norway) after 15 days of sun ( no rain at all !!!) which means : 24h times 15 of sun and a good tann : yes up north, you never loose the sun , you are lost because of it…. willing to do a hike or a climb at 10pm : it is too long  !! no worries, you won’t be much colder and forgetting your headlamp is just as normal as putting proper shoes… No need for it : midnightsun is your friend !   So stop talking , first thanks to those who made this trip as funny as comfy !!! Daniel, Sindre , ilje and Reinjeer among the numerous people. The plan was to drive up to Tromsø and down through vesterålen and Lofoten. One word : i didn’t find the right one : sorry… Second : a selection of pics…

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